Shipping Policy


Wine is a luxury and fragile product, which requires to be treated with great care. We make every effort to ensure that the transport takes place in optimum conditions. During the preparation, we process the orders ourselves with extreme delicacy. We place each bottle in a packaging provided and certified for shipment.

We have set up two types of formulas to give you the choice in shipping:

During delivery, take the time to receive your order. We strongly advise you to download the practical sheet.


We accept returns, but beware, return costs are your responsibility. They will be deducted from the amount to be refunded.

First of all, if you have a question relating to our cuvées, contact us at the e-mail If, however, you wish to return one or more cuvées to us, here is the procedure to follow:

1) Pack carefully the cuvée(s) in special bottle packaging approved and certified for shipment, including proof (receipt, delivery note or invoice).
ATTENTION,  if you received your order in a personalized Moulin de Chauvigné pink box, please purchasea suitable boxfor the return ! Otherwise, beware of the breakage...
2) Complete your request back viasimplified space ;
3) Drop off your package at the drop-off point indicated;
4) We process the refund as soon as we receive your return.