Our vineyard

1. A unique diversity of grape varieties


We practice diversity within our vineyard. This is why we choose traditional grape varieties such as Chenin, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grolleau Noir, … But also more original and rare grape varieties in our region such as Gamay de Bouze and recently Viognier .

Our difference : we choose the choice of grape variety, clone and rootstock according to the soil and subsoil to potentiate the terroir effect.



2. A vineyard with a thousand and one landscapes


We are convinced that the landscape is reflected in our wines. The vineyard matters 15 hectares of vines, shared by the Loire.
On the right bank of the latter are 7 hectares of vines in the Savennières appellation with the single grape variety, Chenin. Our roots led us to Épiré, the village where Christian grew up. Here, the vine enjoys a shallow soil, composed of green-grey, purple, sandstone shales, phtanites and aeolian sands.
On its left bank dominate 8 hectares of vines planted on magnificent hillsides, around the estate and who sit on the heights of the town of Rochefort-sur-Loire. We appreciate the plurality of our grape varieties for the infinite possibilities that this brings us: new creations of unique cuvées, wine tourism development or contemplation of the changing colors over the seasons which only sublimate the beauty of the panorama.





3. A vineyard that is ever more respectful of the environment


Our vineyard is managed in reasoned fight. This method consists of a meticulous and permanent observation of the vineyard and the climate. We can summarize our actions by: the right product, the right dose with the right device, at the right time.
We constantly seek to apply a culture more respectful of the environment. Supported by a renowned advisor, Olivier MOREAU, we practice innovative methods for our new plantations. We invest in the latest generation equipment for tillage.
Finally, the label H.V.E. (High Environmental Value), was obvious to us. We got it in 2019, level 3, (the highest level). It certifies our best practices.





4. Rigorous vinification


Every year since 1992, Sylvie performs the vinification of white wines, reds, including rosés and sweets without forgetting the fine bubbles. A work of craftsmanship that does not frighten our great wine professional. Through her feminine sensitivity, she manages to transcribe in her creations, the grape variety, the terroir and the history of each wine with great precision.
When spring arrives, after long work in the cellar, our wines are bottled at the estate. It is always an emotional moment. During this stage, Sylvie ensures that each vat is treated with the necessary respect and tenderness that her wines amply deserve.