About us

Who are Les Elles du Moulin?

It is a mother-daughter duo, creative winegrowers in Anjou in the Loire Valley, passionate about their profession.

Manon (left) and Sylvie (right) 

A family story

Sylvie and Christian meet on the school benches. They share the same dream: become winegrowers. After their studies, the young couple moved to the Moulin de Chauvigné in 1992 with the ambition of creating a magnificent recognized vineyard, with prestigious vintages. They start with only 3 hectares of vines in Savennières and Rochefort-sur-Loire. 

The trials of life

After 25 years of activity, 13 hectares of vines and undeniable success, Sylvie and Christian want to experience other adventures. After several months of reflection, they made the decision to put the vineyard up for sale. But history is turned upside down. Christian dies suddenly when he has just turned 51. Without Christian, Sylvie does not project herself into the future and their adventure project for two ended with him. Despite the pain, she decides to withdraw the vineyard from the sale and continue the operation.

A new story is being written 

It was without counting on the arrival at the estate of the youngest of their daughters, Manon, who exercised her talents as a pastry chef at the Savoy, a famous 5-star hotel in London, pushes for creation and renewal. It is now within the domain family that she invests herself fully alongside Sylvie.


Together, they imagine the Moulin de Chauvigné of tomorrow. He is creative, curious and passionate, like Les Elles du Moulin.