Sensoristic Trail

On the touristic road, come and discover this domain wich benefits from a spectacular and exceptional view!

Our Sensoristic trail is unique in Loire Valley. Located in the heart of a landscape, it is the story of a timeless memory, a moment of sharing and good mood.

The only Ampelographic journey in the region (discovery of varieties). Ampelography is the science of the identification and description of the different vine varieties, a name consisting of 2 words Greeks: Ampélos (vine) and graphein (write). 

If the wines of Moulin de Chauvigné are tasted, the heritage, culture and art of living that surround has to be shared just as much.

It is possible to access and freely visit the Moulin de Chauvigné’s Ampelographic trail. With the help of your smart phone you can have a personal guide on the tour. 

  • Each different colors means a plot. Click on one of them according to your position to find out the Name and the description.
  • Each blue points means a place. It represents the Panoramic, Aromatic Obelisk, Geological place and Vinific. More information by clicking on it.
  • At any time, you can browse Google Maps with your smartphone.