Our story


We arrived at the mill in 1992. We started with 3 hectares of vines. Starting from nothing the beginnings were difficult, we created this estate, built a cellar, purchased equipment and in particular established a clientele.


Today the vineyard of 13 hectares is located in the appellation area of Savennières (7 ha) and Rochefort Sur Loire (6 ha). The wine is sold directly without the use of intermediaries, in France but also abroad (Canada & U.S.A.)

A wonderful success, but…

When tragedy hits and life turns upside down, there are important choices to make. On the 22nd November 2017, my husband Christian died suddenly of a heart attack. We had celebrated his 51st birthday just fifteen days beforehand.

Even though this comes as a tremendous bombshell, even if this seems insurmountable, I want to keep our estate and wish to take it forward independently. My decision is not necessarily that which we had decided upon or projected on together… Today, I still have, our two daughters, this magnificent vineyard of 13 hectares that we created with such passion, along with many memories. So, I work, consider and mull over many things: the challenge is enormous, but my place is at the mill, I love this job and this extraordinary place, we have been here for 25 years.

The organisation of the work is to be entirely reconsidered, but I have taken and continue to take the right decisions, and I am going forward with determination and efficiency in order to succeed. You all know, Christian pampered his vines and was very proud of them, so I have chosen to carry out the work of the vines through the delivery of a high end quality service. For the production of the wines, the labelling, the preparation of sale orders, the sale of the Mill’s wine collections, the overall administration and organisation, I will succeed, I am and will always be very organised and professional.

The wines of the Moulin always receive many awards, we have recently received the wonderful award with the mention “Excellence” from the Tourist Wine Cellar certification board, for our unique and original wine-tourism trail. This goes some way in helping to forget the frosts at the end of April 2017, and goes some way in providing courage to overcome the passing of Christian.

Wine, is life and happiness, therefore I invite you to join me in writing a new chapter of history with the ‘Creators of Happiness’.