Sylvie Plessis

“We arrived at the mill in 1992 with my husband, now deceased. Starting from nothing, the beginnings were difficult. Today the vineyard of 13 hectares is located in the appellation area of Savennières (7 ha) and Rochefort Sur Loire (6 ha).

Winegrower is more than a job, it’s a passion.”

Marie Plessis

“After a catering college, I have been working at the Bilange restaurant in Saumur as  manager for four years.

Although I always liked being at the family estate, I do not work there.”

Manon Plessis

“Pastry has always been a dream for me that’s why I studied in a French pastry school. Then I decided to move to London where I have been working at the Savoy Hotel for more almost two years. After my father loss, I wanted to come back in France and start working for the family business. These two jobs looks different but I find them similar because they require creativity, imagination and passion.”