Traditionally, it takes place in September, but it sometimes starts in August and sometimes ends as late as November for sweet wines. In fact, the harvest date depends on the maturity of the grapes are, and the concentration of bunches on the vine, concentrating their sugar (these grapes are known process requires a little mushroom, botrytis cinerea, allowing the development of « noble rot », the origin of a fabulous concentration of flavors and sugar in the grapes.

this varies from year to year and from region to region, not only in quality but also in terms of earliness. Calculated on the basis of the life cycle of the vine, in other words, the sugar content and maturity of the grape skins, harvests take several days or weeks, depending on the varieties. Several varieties are grown, Chenin, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, grolleau are not harvested on the same date because they do not ripen at exactly the same time.


for chardonnay, gamay grolleau is good,

For Cabernets must wait a little

For dry chenin we like high quality wines on the fruit and the terroir.

For sweet is the weather that will decide, we can have a nice beautiful vintage