Features: beautiful wine, nervous, full-bodied, with a really fruity.
Grape variety: Chenin.
Preservation: Around 4-5 years.
Best temperature to serve: 9-12 ° Celsus depending on the age.

Christian & Sylvie PLESSIS arrived at the mill in 1992, 25 years ago, having entirely created this vineyard, it is a great success. Their Savennières wines are major dry white wines. Fully exposed to the south, the hillsides are planted on beautiful terroirs of stony shale soil.


Vine grower owners of 13 ha, of which 7 are in Savennières, their know-how is based on the respect of the terroir and of nature. Through a great knowledge of each plot of land Christian applies with a great deal of dedication a sustainable and integrated viticulture. All this good care produces superb grapes on magnificent terroirs. According to the soil and subsoil along with research work, Christian carved out the choice of the grape variety, the clone and root stock, in order to maximise the extraction of the minerals in the soil so as to draw out the unique mineral properties of our shale stones.


Our Savennières vintage is a unique and artistic assembly in its expression of the terroir and our Chenin grape variety. The assembly at different stages of the vinification of the different shales (green – grey and crimson) and also of windblown sand soil altering the shale, sublimes the precious style of Savennières from the ‘Moulin’.


Thanks to Sylvie’s knowledge of their terroirs, her experience and sensitivity of a passionate winegrower she creates and seeks for this vintage a precise and crystalline wine, with a finesse and beautiful range of aromas, good balance and a subtle harmony between nose and mouth. Resulting from the Chenin grapes, the Savennières dazzle with finesse and going particularly well with all cuisines of the world they will work wonders on fish cooked in sauces. They are sublime with a pike or pikeperch in a white butter sauce. Exquisite with Saint Jacques shellfish, refined when served with smoked eel, grilled salmon, a veal ragout (Blanquette de veau), lobster in sauce and variously matured cheeses: Comté, goat cheese.

Serve around 10°C – 12° C.